Manicure Services

All manicures are including nail trim, cuticle care and shaping, massage and glossy regular polish finish.

Organic Perfect Sense $55 

10 minutes of hand massage with hot stone, 8 minutes of shoulder massage, herbal mineral hand soaking, Epoch iceDancer invigorating gel, body butter moisturizer, perfect sense paraffin wax, finishing with hot towel and shiny polish

The Royalty $40 

8 minutes of hand massage with hot stone, 5 minutes of shoulder massage, Mineral mud mask to relive stress & pain, charcoal sugar scrub gently exfoliates dry skin stimulating cell renewal. Body Butter, replenish dry skin/restore its healthy glow. Paraffin, maintain soft silk looking skin & hot towel wrap.

Paradise Pleasure $35 

Relax with our Tropical Deluxe including: Citrus salt soak. Cucumber Scrub & Mask with hot towel wrap, 8 minutes hand massage with hot stones.

Spa Deluxe $25 

Our Deluxe treatment including: Soak with hand soap. Lavender scrub with hot towel wrap, 5 minutes hand massage with lotions

SE Express $20 

Our Express manicure including: Soak with hand soap, 3 minutes hand massage with lotion


* $20 extra for solid gel polish

* $25 extra for french gel polish with clear

* $30 extra for french gel with color base.

Pedicure Services

All Pedicure are include toe's nail cut, cuticle care, shaping, and finishing with glossy regular polish.

Organic Perfect Sense $80 

Perfectly pampered with Nuskin product and organic paraffin wax 22 minutes foot massage with hot stone to improve blood circulation, 13 minutes massage on neck and shoulder.

Mineral herbal bath, revitalize the legs with EPOCH IceDancer Invigorating Gel, Soften dry, calloused skin and soothe tired, achy feet by EPOCH Firewalker foot Cream, restore skin with EPOCH Sole Solution Foot Treatment, moisturize with EPOCH Baobab Body Butter

The Royalty $65 

The mud masque coats your feet with a luxury formula, drawing out deep dwelling impurities, improving blood circulation under the skin, and replenishing the skin with nourishing moisturizer. Black charcoal scrub exfoliates dry skin, dismissed callus, revealing polished and smooth. Intense callus treatment with callus remover. Warmed paraffin wax adds moisture to soften your skin.

18 minutes hot stone foot massage and 7 minute neck and shoulder massage to complete your pampered day.

Flash of Diamond $55 

Luxurious collagen spa is formulated to relieve stress with natural sugar and oil to boost the vibrancy of skin helping tone and renew texture, while collagen diminishes lines and wrinkles leaving skin younger looking and feeling extra soft. Sugar scrub, mask, intensive callus remove, warmed paraffin wax. 13 minutes hot stone foot massage, 7 minutes neck and shoulder massage.

Paradise Pleasure $50 

It's more than just a beauty treatment; it's a holistic experience that rejuvenates your feet and nourishes your soul.Exfoliate rough skin away with a vitamin C tropical sugar scrub. Tropical fruit mask, intensive callus treatment, warmed paraffin wax. 12 minutes hot stone foot massage and 5 minutes neck and shoulder massage.

Milk & Honey $45 

Soaking your feet in a warm vitamin D whole milk bath, honey sugar scrub exfoliates your dry skin away, mask with hot towels wrap, intensive callus treatment. 10 minute hot stone foot massage, 5 minutes neck and shoulder massage

Spa Deluxe $40 

A luxurious and pampering spa treatment designed to provide relaxation for your feet and lower legs. it offers an enhanced experience with feature and indulgent touches. Including exfoliating dead skin cell away, callus remove, mask with cucumber base product. 10 minutes of foot massage.

The Lavender $35 

The calming sense of the flower is best known for relaxation and stress- relieving. Our pedicure use lavender sense sugar scrub to exfoliate dead skin cell giving you a soothing and calming experience, pumice stone scrub on the heels, and 5 minute of foot massage.

SE Express $30 

A quick pampering session when you are short on time. It includes all your basic needs for a regular foot treatment, plus 5 minutes of foot massage.

Please Note to Add On your Pedicure  

* $15 extra for 1 solid color or gel polish 

* $20 extra for french gel polish

* $25 extra for 2 colors french gel polish

Kid's Choice Award

Please note to add on your pedicure:
• $15 extra for 1 solid color of gel polish
• $20 extra for french gel polish
• $25 extra for 2 colors french gel polish

Age Under 8 years old Manicure $13 

Age Under 8 years old Pedicure $18 

Age: 9 to 12 years old Manicure $15 

Age: 9 to 12 years old Pedicure $25 

Polish Only Hands $5 

Polish Only Toes $7 

Nail Enhancements

Regular Polish Fullset/refill $40 / $35

Gel Polish Fullset/refill $50 / $40

Color Powder Fullset/refill $45 / $40

Pink & White Fullset/refill $55 / $45

Ombre Fullset/refill $55 / $45

Gel X $65 +

Dip Powder $45 

Dip powder with nail tips $50 

French dip powder with clear $50 

French dip with nude/pink powder $55 

Ombre dip powder $60 

Gel polish change on natural nail $25 

Gel polish change on acrylic $30 

Take off $10 

Extra Length and shape $5 +


Eyebrows $10 

Lip $7 

Chin $8 

Full face $35 +

Full arm $40 +

Half arm $25 +

Full leg $55 +

Half leg $35 +

Full back $45 +

Underarm $25 +

Bikini $45 +

Eyebrows Tinting $20 

Eyebrows Threading $15